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Lola is a character and has a sweet pixie face. She’s very vocal, sometimes I think she’s telling stories, and some times she sings. It does sound a little like someone’s trying to murder her but it’s awfully cute and usually looks like she’s laughing afterwards. She barks at her food then runs around barking at the other dogs when she wants to eat. Some caution needs to be taken around dogs who might mistake this for food aggression. She’s never nipped at one of my dogs, just barks, and they don’t take her very seriously. The big dog woofed back once and Lola was so surprised, she fell over. She has some issues with sore joints and doesn’t like to spend much time outside. She can’t go up or down steps and doesn’t do well on anything other than a flat surface. I’m still working with her to walk on a leash. She’s doing better but sometimes just wants to stand and look around and she doesn’t like the cold. She gets around great in the house, though. Lola does spend a significant amount of time sitting under furniture. She maybe afraid she’ll get stepped on or run over by other dogs. She’s been started on a joint supplement which does seem to make her more comfortable.

Lola was a little slow to warm up to me. Some of that was being uncomfortable because of her joints and some bad teeth. Having a cleaning and 3 teeth extracted helped along with getting on the supplements. It took a little time and patience and she still wants to have her space but she’s started rubbing her face against me and chasing the hem of my skirt when she feels playful (good thing it’s a tough denim skirt!) She’s not always ready to go to bed when the others are but usually shows up looking for a lift up on to the bed where she claims a pillow and snuggles against my shoulder all night. With all that singing, you know she’s a bit of a diva and expects the best spot!

After her parents were killed in an auto accident, We at Pugtastic7 found a wonderful foster mom for her and her sister. Here is her profile:

She is about 6 yrs old. She is UTD on shots and has had her Dental She needs and is presently taking Joint supplements. Lola is a noisy one. Very vocal. Chatters away! She’s shy a first. She has 2 Luxating patellas and favors left leg but they do not seem to slow her down. In addition, she has some coughing and licking issues that come and go. Might be anxiety. Might be allergies. She’s fine on flat surface but hesitates on grass.. Regardless, she does get around pretty well. Stays off to the side with other dogs, for fear of being run over! She’s ok with dogs and tolerates cats. She’s very vocal. Not sure if she’s leash trained. Not food aggressive but hovers over her bowl and barks at it. She eats with other dogs and doesn’t start any fights. Just vocal about her bowl! She needs patience but once she warms up to you, she is a very sweet little girl.