Welcome to my new Shoppe, I am Shaggy Pickles Valentino, P7’s Shoppe Manager ….
The P7 Fosters and I Shop world wide for great items that you can either use or display with confidence of quality.

Items sold will have a percentage of Sale go to the P7 Foster Funds for Vetting and Surgeries!
Come back and browse selection as some items are “one only”!!

I sincerely hope you will stop by often when you need a gift or something to perk up your day.

Thank you everyone cause you know how much I love coppers šŸ˜‰
Every penny counts in Rescue and hoping this lil Shoppe will help you find some interesting items for gift giving and help the P7 Fosters get the Healthcare they deserve.

The P7 Admins are working to create. Seamless Shopping experience so please bear with us as we go through growing pains!

The current projects include finding a way to offer up shipping Of purchaser’s choice! P7 is trying hard to keep shipping to a minimal.

So for now P7’s Shipping is as follows where item is located:
> once a week for US Members with tracking
> Canadian Members have two choices
* once a week shipping from US to Canada > no tracking
Or * from Candace to drop box in MI > picked up and relay from SW Ontario With tracking > postage extra

> once a week to both US and Canadian Members > From BC Canada
> no tracking for US Members

> once a week for Canadian Members > with tracking
> biweekly shipping to US Members from SW Ontario > No tracking
Or > US Members choice > shipping from MI > with tracking

***After December 10th we cannot guarantee but will do our best to get items to you by Christmas!***

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