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Chubby is what I would expect from a senior pug. She may be the sweetest dog of any breed I’ve ever met. She has apparent hip dysplasia, her back legs do get out from under once in a while but she doesn’t let that stop her at all. She can’t manage stairs but when we get to the step up to the patio or the step at the back door, she waits for me to put my hand under her tummy and give her a little boost. Chubby and my two male pugs took to each other like they’d know each other for years. She loves to go for walks and does her best to keep up with my boys. (She mostly ignores my cats.) Her favorite thing, though, is snuggling. She’s even won over the man who lives with me. He claims not to like the dogs but some how ends up with a sofa full of little dogs who aren’t able to get up by themselves. How does that happen? Chubby is lacking in teeth and no longer eats kibble but she so excited about being fed it’s worth cooking for her just to see the puggy dance and the big smile. The worst problem is fecal incontinence. It’s not a training issue, she lets me know when she needs to go out to pee but she just can’t feel it when she needs to poop. A diaper and washable floors take care of this. She’s perfectly happy to wear cute dresses and bling (because every girl needs some bling). She’s got lovely soft fur so it’s like snuggling with a plush stuffed toy.

About 10 years old. UTD on shots Needs dental. Does not eat kibble. She eats soft, cooked food 2x per day. Gets joint supplements. Hip dysplasia and fecal incontinence. She is unaware if she has to or is pooping. (Sounds like a disc problem to me) Hip dysplasia doesn’t seem to cause her any pain. Not a lot of problems getting around. She can go up and down 1-2 steps but cannot get back up.Some times needs a hand under her belly to get up hill and steps. May be loosing her hearing. She loves to go on walks. She is a snuggle bunny. Good with other dogs and tolerates cats.